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Altar Servers
Young boys and teens between the ages of 7 and 18, are invited to serve in the Cathedral Altar each Sunday and at all liturgical services.
Charitable Outreach
The parish has two outreach services to help those in our Community. We collect money for the Food Pantry at Merrick House in Tremont, $10 a month sponsors four bags of groceries per month. One Saturday a month, volunteers serve a meal at St. Herman’s House of Hospitality for the Homeless.
Cathedral Choir
Members of the Cathedral Choir are present for all regularly scheduled liturgical services at St. Theodosius Cathedral. We have an extensive repertoire of Orthodox Liturgical Music and rehearse at specified times throughout the year, specifically, in preparation for Great Lent and HOLY PASCHA, for our Annual Cleveland Landmark Christmas Concert, for visits of hierarchs, as well as for weddings.
Church School
Our Church School teachers are devoted to their task of sound education in the Orthodox Faith. At St. Theodosius, Church School education combines online and at home lessons with class time at the Cathedral once a month for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade.
Our Fellowship of Orthodox Christians chapter is part of the official organization of the Orthodox Church in America, and our mission is to proclaim, share and reveal our Orthodox Christian Faith through service, fellowship and example.
Greeters/Coffee Hour Hosts
We want our visitors and guests to feel welcomed. To do this, parishioners volunteer at the cathedral doors on Sunday mornings to greet and answer question of our visitors. In addition, volunteers set up and serve light refreshments and coffee after Liturgy for all parishioners and guests to socialize and to get to know one another.
Parish Council
The Parish Council is composed of the Dean and dedicated men and women elected or appointed to administer the affairs of St. Theodosius Cathedral in accordance with its Constitution and by-laws. We are very fortunate to have men and women to serve on our Parish Council who are dedicated Orthodox Christians and who sacrifice their time, talents, and resources for the Church.
Subdeacons & Readers
St. Theodosius Cathedral has a group of men who have been tonsured as Readers and Subdeacons in The Holy Orthodox Church. They read the Holy Scriptures, prayers, and other texts before, during, and after liturigcal services and take care of the liturgical needs of the parish by serving in the altar and maintaining the holy items of the church.

St. Theodosius Cathedral
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St. Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral
733 Starkweather Ave; Cleveland, Ohio 44113